Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Must Not See TV

One of the networks used "Must See TV" as their motto several years back. This derivative fits a new show that we had high hopes for. Saving Grace features Holly Hunter, who tends to be entertaining and surprising in most roles. I don't recall the first film I saw her in, but she is one of the actors that draws my attention to a project. We gave the TNT show a couple of weeks to sink in, but in spite of positive critical reviews, it just doesn't work for me. I didn't expect the "angels among" us story element added to the usual crime drama fare. This time, the angel is a tobacco-chewing southerner with bad teeth and hair. The net result reminds me of a really bad church play with sex and violence. Sure, Hunter's character is supposed to be impulsive and unstable, but she's mostly just incoherent. The show is so disconnected that by the end of last night's episode I could barely remember the particular crime that was supposedly consuming the main characters. Nuff said...don't bother with it...


brian said...


I've been meaning to watch this show. The previews looked great and I love Holly Hunter. Actually, I didn't realize it had started.

I'll have to watch for at least a week or two. Thanks for the reminder.

Chuck said...

OK, but don't say I didn't warn you :-) I didn't expect the supernatural "Touched By An Angel" plot element based on the previews (and Holly Hunter's reputation).