Friday, April 07, 2006

Tag, I'm it - Friday Fives

The RevGalsBlogPals have a FridayFives tradition, and today the subject is "name five experiences of the performing arts that have touched or tickled you". TammyJo tagged me, and I love this topic, so here goes. Update - I had to go with 6 - had several in mind and forgot an important one when I originally posted, and I can't see removing anything. I guess I won't get to play the game anymore...

  • Touched - Todd Rundgren's "No World Order" tour (circa 1993-1994). I didn't see this in person, but have several videos from these shows. It epitomized the integration of technology, arts, and audience immersion in a performance setting.
  • Touched - The Blue Man Group. Deb and I saw them in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. A major purpose of our trip was to catch Cirque du Soleil, and seeing the blue dudes was a last-minute decision. I found myself more excited about that show than Cirque - perhaps because of the surprise element, certainly because of the tribal rock beats, which I love, and definitely because of how the mute blue men take on our personas - self-discovery, awe, jealousy/competition, creativity, etc. etc. etc. I immediately bought the DVD "The Complex Rock Tour Live", from their summer arena tours a few years back, and have enjoyed it even more than the live show - highly recommended (and cheap!).
  • Touched - Civic Music Series in Harriman, Tennessee. My parents took me to these shows consistently - some pretty sophisticated music/performances for our small Tennessee town. It transformed the well-worn high school auditorium into a venue for opening my preteen eyes to the wonders and diversity of music. I can't remember a specific show, just the general impact they all had on me.
  • Touched - Mark O'Connor with Doc and Merle Watson at Parrish Auditorium, Miami University Hamilton (Ohio). O'Connor is probably the most incredible musician I have seen in my entire life. This particular concert was in the mid/late 80s when he was only 19 and was a "sideman" for Doc. He apologetically thanked Doc for letting him play a solo, then proceeded to transport the entire audience to Heaven and back while playing a medley of "Midnight on the Water" and "Bonaparte's Retreat". (Thanks to Howard Epstein for bringing this and many other fine concerts within 5 minutes of my house. I've truly seen some of the best concerts in my life in this auditorium - Michael Hedges, Liz Story, Charlie Hayden, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Arlo Guthrie, Los Lobos, Mark O'Connor solo, and many more)
  • Touched - "Jazzdance by Danny Buraczeski", sponsored by Cincinnati's Contemporary Dance Theater. Deb and I happened to take in this performance the weekend some of my own spiritual convergences were underway (largely involuntary). This show featured dance to music from Astor Piazzolla, my favorite composer, as well as classical, jazz, and blues influences. The combination of movement and music reached me at a deep level that I'm still unpacking. I wept after coming home from this performance. Sheer beauty and transcendence.
  • Touched - Any time I hear Ken Medema. I've been a huge fan since first experiencing his unique musical and story-telling abilities in college days. He manages to cut to the heart of crucial life issues in ways that have you laughing as often as crying, but leave a lasting impression. He's also one of the best keyboard performers and improvisers on earth. I've seen probably 8 of his concerts, and each one is unique - he usually composes several songs right on the spot, and they are keepers.

I tried thinking of something in the "tickled" category, but I can't come up with any - I must have a gift of repressing painful memories :-)

Now it's your five experiences of the performing arts that have touched or tickled you. Post on your blog and link back to here.

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Your wife said...

I would dare to add that there are many who would say any time they've got to hear Chuck Wiggins singing and playing the keyboards that they've been touched. I've been encouraging him to make a CD of his favorite songs. You'all join me in encouraging him in that endeavor, please.

Dave said...

OK, I encourage thee, Chuck!

Actually, I'm just commenting to let you know that I set up my blog for an Atom feed... I think. It looks the same to me, but I don't know what I'm looking for. I edited the settings and republished the blog. If you'd be so kind, take a look to see if what you are looking for is actually there...


I have been to a lot of live musical events... Do you want to tag me? Is it fair to be asked?

julieunplugged said...

Chuck, I'll get to this. I'm trying really hard to get my feet under me right now and creativity is lacking. But I ahve a draft started so will post and link back soon. :)

Glad your blog is off and running!


Dave said...

Chuck, I just answered your tag but don't know how to link back to you... Let me know what I'm missing here.

Chuck said...

Thanks, Dave, for the events. You have indeed "been around". I wouldn't have taken you for a punk fan - sounds like you were right in the middle of it.

I did some experimenting with this "link to original posts" feature. It's not very intuitive, but apparently the way to use it is to generate a post on your site instead of just a comment on my site. Clicking on create a link brings you into an editor and will actually create a post on your site with the same title. Blogger then apparently runs some indexing that eventually (15-20 minutes) links the posts together by having a link to your post show up under mine. Again, not quite intuitive, but perhaps useful in some settings.

So since you already have a post, I'll just keep the link I made to it up in the body of my post.