Saturday, February 09, 2008

Current Projects #2 - Creativa

I've posted announcements for our monthy creative "Free Slam" event in the past, and we've continued to have a great time getting to know and hear/watch/experience the creative types in our own back yard. We've realized we needed to make sure the event title communicated the scope of what is and will take place. We spent a leisurely Sunday afternoon last month brainstorming (interleaved with talking politics) and - enter Creativa!

The multitalented Cortney Haley has been hard at work creating the Creativa web site, with all the bells and whistles. The logo started with some designs from Jeff Nabors, and Cortney morphed them into the current design.

We gather the last Saturday of every month at Tanze Performing Arts Studio, 1044 Symmes Road, in Fairfield (Ohio, that is). Creativity in all its forms is honored - spoken word, music, visual arts, dance, video, whatever.

Check out Cortney's Creativa video - and stick around for the chicken at the end...

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