Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Weekend getaway

Deb and I spent the weekend in Tennessee, visiting several new and familiar areas. We stayed at Wildwood Lodge near the Big South Fork National Recreation Area. Awesome hosts, grounds, and breakfasts. We also visited my hometown of Harriman, Tennessee - I'll have more comments on that visit in a separate post.

Here are a couple of memorable photos. The green guy on the window really wanted inside - and gave us a great view through the window. Sorry, double occupancy room only.

The area did not have many choices for dining - in fact, the most popular spot seemed to be the "Hanging Hog Bar-B-Que" restaurant, a concrete block building with a double wide mobile home attached as the dining area. Fine cuisine indeed. (The Bar-B-Que was quite good, and we know Bar-B-Que!)

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