Saturday, May 06, 2006

Crawfish and Jazzfest

Still running short on time for thoughtful posts on New Orleans, etc. - it's a gorgeous day outside and I have many spring chores and some music projects queued up. But here's the last of my Louisiana photos - lunch on Monday.



I'm so glad we have Pappadeaux's in Cincinnati to handle my Cajun food addiction in between visits :-)

Also, MSN is netcasting music and interviews from Jazzfest. There's a great interview with Edge on the musical instruments program he and others set up for displaced musicians. Also a clip of him doing a New Orleans version of "Vertigo" with the New Birth Brass Band. I couldn't get the link from the Jazzfest web site to play the videos, but this link works well.

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Yvan Verbesselt said...

For those who wonder...yes we sucked them heads!...and it was goooooooooood! So good, we barely made it on time to catch our airplane 2 hours later on NOLA. The name of the restaurant was "Crawfish town, USA north of I-10 in a town called Breaux-Bridge Louisiana, crawfish capital of the state, where the crawfish festival was held this weekend of May 5th. Already a week ago tomorrow...wish we were still there, right Chuck?