Monday, June 30, 2008

Return from Toddstock

Much time and little posting has gone by. We made it to Toddstock (I really don't like the name...) and lived to tell about it. What an amazing experience. My wife Deb has done a great job blogging about some of the details. I'll probably get to some of those shortly. But the overall experience was one of peaceful recognition. It is rare I can be in the midst of people who share my interests and passion. Most of my interests are musical. And Todd Rundgren's music has been at the forefront of my musical interestsfor many years.

I believe a great poet/songwriter paves the way for others by helping them articulate and discover those things of value, and by reflecting their own ideas for others to catch. Nowhere was this reflection more apparent than at Toddstock. So many people described the event in "spiritual" terms. I'm one who doesn't place much value on spiritual or supernatural realms or dimensions. But I do put a lot of stock in how we seem to have archetypal behaviors that drive us and link us together. And I'm fascinated by how heroes can motivate us to become more of our true selves. I think Toddstock was an event that helped many of us interpret our place in the world, thruough the eyes of one who's music and lyrics have profoundly moved us over the years. I can't count how many people said that Todd's music had changed their lives. I've heard the same language in religious circles - very interesting parallels. I know lyrics like "Beat our swords into plowshares on the anvil of a pure heart" and "How can I change the world if I can't change myself" have made indelible marks on my psyche. And most every person there had similar stories to tell.

In spite of our time in paradise, I'm glad to be back in our own world, pursuing those things that make life full. At this stage of life, the familiar has great value. But I am reinforced by the personal insights of the time in Kauai, and the sense of peace I have drawn from being among people who "get what I get".